India Clash War League

By Dragon Clashers
Online, Bihar
clash of clans mobile tournament based on friendly wars organised by dragon clashers (7) clan we are also one of the will be based on friendly wars organised by us . first will be a league round then it will be super eight knockout leading to semis and finale
Indian/Cocos (UTC+06:30)
champions tag
structure will be 1 th11 two th10 4 th9 and 8 th8. maxed out bases not necessary but opponent cna be maxed out so be sure to play the league if u dont have maxed out base . 8.5 9.5 10.5 strategy wont be helpful as every base will be treated as maxed base .th10 mens th10 th9 means th9 and th11 means th11 no difference between low lvl or high lvl defence or offence of same th level