MLBB ESports International

MLBB International Amateurs League

By The Game Nation
Online, Online
Play From Anywhere International

25$ for a team of 5 + 5$ if a substitute is added during Registrations. (i.e. 5$ from each Participant)

To be collected together from Team Leaders after Registrations via PayPal to Validate Squad Entry

THE DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE (Saturday/Sunday) Events only.
Please bear with us as more Players join up :) MONEY WILL BE COLLECTED AS PLAYERS FILL UP.(Admin)

*Important notice:-
-This game is played with a team of 5 (1 substitute if added during registrations)
-Validated team's leader will complete the Tournament Entry process for the team.
-The Match will be played via draft mode.
-Registration is on a first come first served basis.

***Structure (Stay Tuned)

MLBB Amateurs League

Top3 teams from the Event get free entry to the next.

-The International MLBB Amateurs League E-Sports have started!!

Gather your squad and compete with some of the Best Teams of in one of the Leagues of International MLBB E-Sports.
Amateur International to be held by The Game Nation with a Prize Pool of over 500$
Asia/Jakarta (UTC+07:00)
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-Champion:3000 diamonds/person

Runner-up:1500 diamonds/person

3rd place:800 diamonds/person

-Cash prizes (to be determined after teams reach 100)
-Skin of choice to Mvp of Winning team
-Top 3 Teams free entry to the next

***Estimated worth of Prizes 1500$

***Price pool increases with each Entry

***PLEASE NOTE BEST Structure Stage Schedules to be updated. (Stay Tuned Updating)

***This app is frequently updated so stay tuned for latest events and prize money announcments.***
***Decisions made by the tournament organizers and officials are final.***

***Squad mandatory
GO Bang Bang
1. 5 players (1 substitute will be allowed)
2. The 5 players should play all the matches together.
3. Legit Emails,Ingame Name and Id of Team leader with Team name.
4. Players added to WhatsApp Chat are requested to remain active. (Quick Updates)
5. Download Toornament app from PlayStore. Follow The Game Nation at IG and YouTube.
6.Whatsapp- +918638940539
7. Hacks, mods, or third-party apps are not allowed.
8. Country flags should be same to participant's country.
9. Will be played in Indian Timezone +5.30 Asia/Kolkata
***Validated Team leader is requested to pay the joining fees after Registration of forms
***By registering, Teams acknowledge that all usage of photos, videos, and any form of recording during the tournament have been given legal consent by the players for media and marketing purposes.
-Contact - +918638940539

***Teams are expected to be in the game stage and in-game lobby at the designated time. There is a maximum 10-minute waiting period. If one team is not ready at the designated time, their opponent is awarded a default win by contacting an admin (after the 10-minute waiting period) and having him check the lobby.***


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