BOTB Seseaon 2: WC Edition
Playstation 4

Best Of The Best.

By Banx Carti
Hello lads,

You have been invited to participate in the best of the best season 2 hosted by Lilbanxs4lyf.

Please do not advertise this to other players you think are worthy of playing in this league, i will be the judge of that against next season. Safe.
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
1st Place - Any new video game of the champion's choice.
2nd Place - Indomie
3rd place - More indomie

lmao you must be buzzing if you think 2nd and 3rd place got prizes. GTFO

Remember, it is free so have nothing to lose.
I believe we are all professionals in our own way so please kindly abide by these rules, if you have any issues with these, you know where to find me on whatsapp.

1. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection, i aint tryna hear none of that "oh my internet is this or that" talk. If you know it is not strong, just let me know so i can replace you. (Don't worry, i will invite you for season 3 just make sure you have a stable connection by then.)

2. In the event of a disconnect during a match, players are permitted to try again with same teams and upon failure to connect, commence to use countries from the time of disconnect with goals conceded/red cards awarded back to the opponent. As for red cards, it must be the exact player that got the initial card.


Half Length - 6 mins
Controls - Any
Game speed - Normal
Squad Type - Online
Defending - Tactical (If you have trust issues with your opponent, set the controls to Semi) I doubt this would ever happen but just letting you know.
Custom tactics - Allowed
Custom Formation - Lmao banter, No!

4. There is no minimum percentage of games required to be played. Play as much as you can and win.

5. You are allowed to fix appointments to a maximum of 3 times (between both parties, not that each party has 3 chances to fix) Please save evidence of the messages and escalate the situation to Banx if need be.

6. Call for a witness before a game starts in the general forum you will be added to in a couple weeks time and post your scores in the forum before updating the league table.


8. Time wasting tactics, pauses, replays and all of that fu fuck shit in game tactics are allowed. I aint tryna hear you man cry about it.

9. The league is expected to last for 3 weeks. Lesser if everyone can finish their games on time. Be expecting the league to kick off early January.

10. Do not leave games till last minute and expect your opponents to show up, time frame of match scheduling will be reviewed if one has evidence. Dont be slick g.

11. Please kindly broadcast your games if possible.

12. Have mutual respect for each other please.

13. Enjoy

14. Have fun.