PCPlaystation 4

$2 Entry $55 Prize Pool.

By Twitchwaterballs
Please enjoy and stick to the rules :)

This will be played in a solo squad game mode, i will be a 3rd player in your team in order to stream and commentate each game.

The Player with the most kills over the 2 games will determine who wins the game.

You may change host if you are from different a timezone (This is why it is best of 2 games).

In order to participate you must send $2.15 to waterballss@hotmail.com via paypal as a friend or family gift and as a reference state your TOORNAMENT username so i can accept you straight after payment. Once you have paid please message me on discord telling me your paypal and toornament username so i can match up the payment and accept you.
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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1st - $45
2nd - $10
Tournament Rules:
1- You must be part of our discord in order to participate: https://discord.gg/zQhaykp
2- No disruptive behaviour towards other players in or out of the game.
3- DO NOT report the wrong result or you will be banned from the discord and any future tournaments.
4- Check in the day before the tournament to let us know you can play.
5- Accept the tournament organisers decision on all matters.
6- You must pay the entry fee or you will not be accepted to participate.

Thanks and enjoy ! Waterballs :)