Xbox Tourneys

By Skrap Staxx
Xbox tourneys for Darwin Project will be here. I found that the best way for any Battle Royale games is to structure the tournament into 10 matches and give out a point value for the top five. For example, winning first place in ONE game would give you 5 points, second place 4 points and so forth. Every kill earned will be an additional point. These games will be set by a generator and the participants added to the pool. The tournament is completely free for now and the prize will be directly from my own pocket.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
15$ for first place, 10$ for second place , 5$ for third place.
No stream sniping.
There will be a dedicated director.
The director will be encouraged to talk to participants but is not allowed to say where other players are as in "Hunting down other players".
No Healing, Warming, or any advantages "DURING" fights.
Absolutely help players fairly, just not during fights, so that way it stays fair for everybody.
There will be more clear cut rules. I just had to fill this out so that everybody gets an idea how I will run the tournament.