Razor League | EUNE

Razor League | EUNE

All the games during the Razor League will be played on-line on every Sunday.
All the participants must connect Discord to coordinate with the admins through the league-support channel, in the "Razor League" category and to get the latest news about the league.
There are 6 divisions, each with an approximate ELO rank. You can take these references as a guide to know the approximate division in which you will play.

1st Division : Diamond +
2nd Division : Diamond +
3rd Division : Diamond - Platinum III
4th Division : Platinum IV - Gold III
5th Division : Gold IV - Silver III
6th Division : Silver III - Bronze V

First season sign-ups are free!
Payment Methods and prices:
1. 1st Division : 50€ / Team
2. 2nd and the other Divisions : 25€ / Team

There are two different methods to pay :
1.Once we receive the registration requests of the participants, we will send an email confirming your registration and detailing the information of the bank account where you need to deposit the money.
2.Pay via PayPal to the email that we will indicate in the confirmation email.

If you want to know more details about the divisions just check the rule section all the way to the bottom or send an email to razorleague@yahoo.com

Contact razorleague@yahoo.com for more details or if you have any question. We will respond as soon as possible to your emails.
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
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In the 1st Division, €1750 will be distributed .
1st Place:1000 € in cash.
2nd Place:500 € in cash.
3rd place:250 € in cash.

In the Second Division, €200 will be distributed.
1st place:125 € in cash.
2nd place:50 € in cash.
3rd place:25 € in cash.

In the other divisions (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th) and their respective groups, € will be distributed.
1st Place:100 € in cash.
2nd place:50 € in cash.
3rd place:25 € in cash.

The payment for the winners will be paid through paypal.

Map: Summoner's Rift.
Format: 5v5 Game mode: Tournament Draft.

Before starting each league game, both teams must make sure and verify that this is the established way to play the game, as well as to check that the players in the game are the official ones.
All the days will be played to the best of 2 ( Bo2 ), being able to win or lose 2-0 or draw 1-1.
The victories are worth 3 points, the ties 1 point and the defeats 0 points.
Each team must have a minimum of 5 players at the time of starting each game, being able to register up to 3 more substitute players.
If a summoner not registered in the competition plays a game, the team where he played will be considered lost.
Banning of champions: The banning of champions will be carried out strictly under the rules of the recruitment mode, through the automatic system of the game.


The "placeholder" is allowed. By placeholder we understand that when a player A wants to make a champion exchange with a player B, but one of the two does not have the champion that the other wants to play, then he can choose a random champion that covers the champion's square that really goes to use.

Whenever you want to placeholder, the players of the team must warn their opponent in advance about which champion will be a placeholder, and which champion will replace them. If not announced in advance, the game must be played with the champions that have been chosen from the start.

With advance notice, it is understood that you must notify before setting the champion (make Lock In) that will be the placeholder.

The champions used and banned before and after a placeholder have to be exactly the same. You can not enter champion selection, make a placeholder, and re-create the game with a new player(substitute).

~General Rules~

Each teams have the right to put a summoner as a spectator.

All players must be registered before the start of the tournament. Once the tournament has started, no more entries will be accepted.

The teams must confirm the line-up that will be played in each match before the start of the match.

Players are required to use the same name with which they have registered for the tournament.

Before the start of the tournament, a player must be identified as captain of the team to the admins of the tournament. It can be any of the 5 players. The captain of the tournament will be the same throughout the tournament and will be in charge of communicating with the organization to coordinate the matches.


The teams are obligated to respect the tournament schedule. The teams will be penalized with "Late show" if they do not arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of their match. If after 15 minutes of the scheduled start time the team does not have at least 5 players available, they will be automatically eliminated from the tournament.

The repetitive action of this may entail the expulsion of the player's tournament, and the expulsion of the team if it can not replace the player.

If the match is interrupted by causes beyond the control of the teams, the admins of the tournament will decide whether to continue with the game, start again or give the victory to the team that was more advanced, depending on:
Re-start the game if the incident It has occurred before the 10th minute of play.
In case the game was almost decided in favor of a team, victory will be granted to it.


This structure of elos is rather a reference for you. It does not expressly mean that if you are platinum IV you are going to be in the 4th Division, but in this way you can get an idea about the approximate division in which you are going to enter depending on your ELO.

1. They are formed by an unlimited number of groups (A, B, C ...). Each group is made up of 20 teams.
2. All the teams in each group are similar ELOS, so that the players face others of the same level.
3. The highest ELO teams participate in the first divisions. Those of lower ELO, in the lower divisions.
4. Only 2 teams placed in each group of the 6th, 5th, 4th or 2nd division will promote to the next division in the group that they were in(for example if you are in the 6th division group B you will promote in the 5th division in group B not A or C). In the 3rd division only 3 teams will promote to the 2nd division (1 team of each group) and 3 teams from the 2nd division will drop to the 3th division each team in each group, and in the 1st division only 2 teams will drop to the 2nd division.