GamingBlackout Solos PC/PS4
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GamingBlackout Solos PC/PS4

By GamingBlackout
Welcome to GamingBlackout Tournaments. Please read all the rules, this is very important. If you want easy communication jump into discord. Take advantage of our discord, you might be a streamer or gamer and GamingBlackout might be just for you. If you have any questions please reach out in Discord.

Start Time: 6:30PM CST
Check In: 5:30PM CST
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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No Prize Tournament

1v1 Matches (Duo)
2v2 Matches (Squads)

Streaming Rules:

Please DO NOT stream snipe.

Tournament Rules:

All tournaments are to be played on NA East/NA West. Each team should host a match, and one match should be played on NAE and one on NAW depending on the location of all players. Sudden death will also be hosted by each team depending on how many games need to be played, and will also be on the NAE and NAW servers.

Checking In:

Check in's will occur prior to the match starting. If you or your team mate are not checked in and ready, a forfeit will occur in Solo Mode. Or, you may find a replacement player in Duo's prior to the brackets being posted.


If a player cannot connect to the game, and is not included in the party upon entering the starting island, all players should leave the match and keep connecting until all parties are present. If a disconnection occurs at any point on the bus, or in mid-game, that is considered a death and the match will go on until all players are dead, or the match ends.

How To Win:

There will be a total of 2 games played. The team with the most kills wins the match. If there is a tie at the end of both matches, Sudden Death will occur.

Reporting Games:

Two games are played per match. Screenshots of the scores for each game MUST be provided for proper scoring. Screenshots can be taken many ways. Windows Snipping Tool, a program designed for taking screenshots such as Fraps. Please submit both screenshots after your games are finished.

Match Issues:

No Shows - A team has 15 minutes from the start of the bracket in order to add each other on the game. If a team does not show up within that amount of time, that team will automatically forfeit the match. If the forfeit occurs in the losers bracket, that team will then be finished with the tournament.

To report another team for a no show for the match you will need to contact the GamingBlackout Staff (Ref) Christuhbald_GB or Kat_GB.

All forfeits will be handled and made by the judgement of the Refs.

Things you can be DQ'ed for:
Stream Sniping.
Boogie Bombing/Impulse Grenading.
Taking down opponents structures (prebuilt or built by players), by either damaging or taking down completely.
Building in front of your opponent.
Causing your opponent(s) to die.
Stealing loot from your opponent. DO NOT steal items from a chest, supply drop, or llama's that an opponent opens. Let them take their loot first, then you can have leftovers.

If you've made it this far in reading this, then you should have had all your questions answered and should not have to ask questions in Discord. If you ask a question in discord that was already covered here, then you have not read these rules and will be told to read them by one of the staff members.