WarGames III

WarGames III: Audierne Bay

By SeaRaptor, Vas79, _TheSneakySnake_, & Quadrilus

In the spirit of the United States Naval War College, the WarGames series is designed to introduce players to high-tier competitive play outside of Clan Battles and to allow more veteran teams to accrue additional experience. The format of each event is based on the larger King of the Sea events that take place several times each year: Tier X ships, 9v9, with limits on the amount of carriers and battleships a team can field.

Each event is a one day tournament for a maximum of twenty (20) teams. It will consist of three rounds of Swiss play, lasting approximately four-and-a-half (4.5) hours, followed by a cut to a Top 4 bracket to determine the final placing. The playoff stage should last approximately two (2) additional hours. A third place match is not played as prizes for 3rd and 4th are the same. Play will be organized and run via Toornament, and will operate under the King of the Sea ruleset.

DATE: 22 September 2018
START TIME: 1500 EDT (1200 PDT)

NOTE: Tournament has been delayed one week due to Hurricane Florence.

DOUBLE NOTE: The tournament is capped at 20 teams, any additional registrations will be placed on a waitlist, to be notified by Friday night.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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First Place: 2,000 doubloons (for each player)
Second Place: 1,000 doubloons (for each player)
Third and Fourth Places: 500 doubloons (for each player)
All participants: 10x Battle Hardened camouflage
Players that were rostered on teams that placed in the Top 8 places of the most recent King of the Sea event held on the NA server may not register for this event. Priority will be given to teams consisting of players that did NOT place in the Top 16.