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Tunisia FIFA 18 Tournament Ps4

By Dailyglad
Online, tunis
No description.
Africa/Tunis (UTC+01:00)
No prize information.
--If you lose connection, you lose the match automatically.
--You can't play with the same club.
--Champions League System (Rules).

--To see who I play with, enter this link ( from your cell phone and download the app in which you can also see who I play with and see what position are or what is the next phase, they will be able to communicate with their opponent, put the results of the match and agree on the best time they can play the game (the game has to be played on the day it is played). assignation)

--The tournament is composed of two competitions. Group phase, in which if you win you get 3 points, if you tie 1 point and if you lose 0 points and the other one, a Qualifier which matches would be roundtrip (Champions System).

Tournament Rules

- The matches will be played in Friendly Normal Online mode (NO WORLD CUP MODE).

- If you lose the connection while you are playing, you lose the match 3-0 automatically and the opponent has the green light to put it in the results.

- You can not play both with the same club or country.