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North America East 2v2 Fortnite Tournament @ 8:00 EST

By MightBeAHuman
This is a tournament at 8:00 pm EST with 8 teams. We will join squad games and whoever has more kills after 2 games will win. If there is a tie a game 3 will be played. If still tied the longest survivor in the last game wins. Join the discord server at 7:50 so we can get the bracket out and start at 8:00 sharp. If your opponent does not report to me and is idle that is an automatic pass to the next round.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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There is no prize for this tournament.
No sabotaging teammates by breaking structures, impulse grenades, etc.
This will result in an automatic forfeit if on purpose there will be a penalty if reported and found accidental.
No talking to anyone except your teammate in game.
Must report back to me with score from both teams.