NACE Championship for SMITE

NACE Championship for SMITE

By Hi-Rez Studios
The NACE-sanctioned, college competitions for SMITE will begin this October and be open to both varsity and club-level university teams. The format features a 32 team double elimination bracket that will lead up to the national championship at Dreamhack Atlanta 2018, where the event will be broadcast to live-streaming platforms. The competition will have $50,000 in scholarship prizes to be awarded to winners.

Eliminated teams will have the option to participate in the Gem Cup for virtual currency.
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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With $50,000 in scholarship prizes on the line, the first place team will receive $8,000 in prizing for each player on their roster (up to 5 players). The second place team will receive $2,000 in prizing for each player on their roster (up to 5 players).

-Both NACE and non-NACE schools may participate
-Players on a team must attend the same institution
-Players cannot simultaneously compete in both titles
-Players must be ATLEAST part-time (6 credit hours)
-Players must have a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA on 4.00 scale


-Double Elimination Bracket (16-32 teams)
-Weekly Matches: Bo3
-Dreamhack Finals: Bo3


-Registration: Until midnight of September 28th
-Double Elimination: Oct 1 - Oct 31
-National Finals @DHATL: November 17


-Brackets will be updated a day after the default match times
-TWO matches will be played per week, default times: 5PM CT on Tuesday, Saturdays

-Reschedules will be allowed if both teams agree upon a time BEFORE the end of Tuesday for the first match of the week, or BEFORE the end of Saturday for the second match of the week

-Teams will be allowed a 15 minute grace period to have all five players in a match lobby, ready to begin, before a no-show is granted to the opposing team

-Screenshot match results, report scores on "report-results" channel of the Skillshot College discord.

Lobby Setting

-The team higher on the match bracket will have first pick for drafting purposes
-The team on the LEFT side of the lobby will be "first pick"
-For every game after the first, the losing team of the previous match will choose whether they are first or second pick

Refer to section 4.3 "In-game Procedures of the official ruleset" for details


-Teams will be free to stream their matches leading up to Dreamhack
-Player POV streams must have a minimum 3 minute delay
-Spectator streams require no additional stream delay
-Hi-Rez/Skillshot social promotion will be available upon request

Official Ruleset: