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AWG Presents: A Free to Enter 2v2 Duos $200 Fortnite Tournament (All Platforms)

By 💰AWGTournaments💰
Online, NAE + NAW + EU

We only accept registrations on Discord.
Next Tournament Date: Thursday, October 25th at 6:30pm EST
How to Enter:

Step 1: You must be following AWG on Twitch to play: http://twitch.tv/AWGTournaments

Step 2: You must join Discord and assign yourself a role (for tournament communications): https://discord.gg/4jmhM6f

Step 3: AWG Twitch subscribers get automatic entry into EVERY qualifier tournament. You can subscribe now to reserve your spot in the next qualifier:

Step 4: AWG has loyalty points called AWG Points that can be collected by following + watching our Twitch Stream (while online) for FREE.
You can redeem 3,000 AWGPoints for a spot in the qualifier tournament.
AWGPoints are free + easy to collect.
No prime sub? Don't want to collect points? No problem. We always allow teams to send a $4.00 entry payment (through streamlabs) and you can play in the next qualifier!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/AWGTournaments
Instagram: http://instagram.com/AWG_Tournaments
Structure to be determined.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
Join Discord
Qualifier Tournament Prizes:

1st Place - Entry into $200 Cash Tournament
2nd Place - Free entry into next qualifier tournament
3rd Place - Free entry into next qualifier tournament

Cash Tournament Prizes:
1st Place - $120 / team + entry into next CASH tournament
2nd Place - $60 / team
3rd Place - $20 / team
There will be 32 teams participating in each bracket
2 Games per round
2v2 Duo Squads Games (matchmaking)
Single Elimination
Cross platform must be enabled

In the tournament you will play two games per round. You must keep track of your team's kills & your opponents kills. The team with the most total kills after both games will advance to the next round.

Sabotage is not allowed. Full rules and details available on our Discord server.