Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

By Lucifer
Hello Lucifer Here. I'm going to organise a PUBG tournament. It will be a squad Type match. They will be 50 Teams and only 5 matches. The 50 Teams will be divided into two 25 & 25. First 25 teams will play 2 matches and out of 25, 12 teams will be selected to play for the finals and than remaining 25 will be also playing 2 matches and out of them 12 teams will be selected. Than on the fifth match 24 teams will be battling with each other. Only 1 price and 1 winner.
Structure to be determined.
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
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The entry fees are
100rs for the full squad eg:25rs for each person in the squad.

Winning team gets 1000rs or above.
No hacks and mods allowed there will be 5 spectators spectating the game including me. And if Ur found hacking or using mods u will be directly removed out of the match along with Ur full team.