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2v2 $2000 All Platform Tourney

By Cp0
Infinite8's first cash tournament! Please contact Cp0#7336 on discord if you want to enter in this tournament, the cost to enter per team is $20. The rest of the description on how to participate will be given to you after you dm Cp0. If you want to have your stream(s) advertised ask! (It costs an extra $5)
UTC (UTC+00:00)
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First Place Wins: $1,000
Second Place Wins: $600
Third Place Wins: $400
Fourth Place Wins: Free entry (Must be used within 3 tournaments)
These are the rules and you must read them before playing.
Note: You cannot disrespect players or the staff team or you will get disqualified.
If you are toxic in the chat we will warn you, if you do it again we will ban you.

These are the tournament rules:
>If your opponents die and you win you must leave the match, just make sure to take a screenshot. If you keep playing while you won you are wasting time and will be disqualified.
>You must take a screenshot every time you play a match, if you don’t, tell your opponents to say you won. If they won't then go into replay mode. If you can’t do any of those then you will have to play another game.
>This is not kills combined we have said this many times and people don’t understand, this is a best out of 3, if you have the most kills in ONE GAME then you won the FIRST MATCH. Keep on playing tell someone wins 2 games. If you tie you must redo the game.
> All results must be listed in the #tourney-proof with your team name, Tournament, and who won.