"Check in Starts at (5:00 pm Egypt time UTC +2) and closes after 15 mins"
"Check The Brackets .. time for each round is available in the brackets, Admins also available for questions regarding this topic"
"Team Captain only Please add me in LoL EUNE "TUG" Before tournament Starts!
Register for the TU:1β„’ tournament series - TU: 5.

The ultimate League of Legends tournament series in the Middle East. Create teams, battle other teams, win tournaments and earn amazing rewards and prizes!
Structure to be determined.
Africa/Cairo (UTC+02:00)
700$ Total Prize Pool πŸ’°

1st Place $350
2nd Place $200
3rd Place $150

Bonus Prizes πŸ’° (only 1 time per tournament for each team, footage needed for validation of the Bonus prize)

Pentakill 50$
Game under 15min 50$

Winners get paid through Paypal only and will be sent to the Team Captain

Winners will also receive an invitational to the upcoming BIG tournament!

Be cemented on The Winners Wall of Fame.. and have a chance to get a shoutout on our Youtube channel
1 ✘ 5x5 Summoners Rift - " Best-of-One " Game Type: Tournament Draft
2 ✘ Single Knock Out elimination (means that you only get 1 chance. You win, you proceed to the next stage) except for the Finals will be best of 3.
3 ✘ Teams must come on time. All teams will have 10 mins till they show up, if they didn't show up they will be eliminated, and the opponent will proceed to the next stage.
4 ✘ NO TOXICITY!! if anyone started a fight or insulted any of the other participants he and his team will be kicked from the tournament ..
( keep it fun and competitive guys β™₯)
5 ✘ Each team has a total of 10 mins Maximum to pause the game if they face any problems, except the Finals and 3rd place game where the pause time is 20 mins.
6 ✘ All teams must enter into their matches using tournament codes that will be provided.
7 ✘Any team accused and proved to be using any hacks, cheats which give them an unfair advantage in the game will be banned permanently from this tournament and any upcoming tournament. ( Play it fair ).
8 ✘ Kicking while in the lobby is not allowed without the admin permission.