UK eSport Event | Hilton Leicester

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Hilton Leicester
CS:GO Tournament at the Hilton Leicester Sunday 3rd February. 40 participants are eligible to enter, you can purchase tickets for the event form: each player in a team needs a ticket to enter.

We are doing a round robin style tournament, this is where each team will play every opponent once. Each team will play a total of 7 games. The winner will be the team with the most points at the end of the day. A win gets you 3 points, a draw gets you 1 and a loss get you 0.

We are allowing draw due to only having one to day to fit the entire tournament in. In future this will be different because the tournament will be over multiple days.

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Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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£500 Prize pool!
1st place - £300 + Free tickets to next event
2nd place - £200
3rd place - Small prizes
Coming soon.