G'Her League #1, Qualifier #10

Qualifier #10 - Game'Her League, Winter 2018

By Game'Her
Online, Western Europe
Game'Her League is a mixed league standing on the League of Legends game. The goal of the project is to is to face up feminine teams, masculine teams and mixed teams to really bust up things and break barriers and clichés.

The whole thing, organized in a professional way, supervised by a solid administration and an efficient moderation, to ensure respect and to guarantee an atmosphere suitable to personal development and performance.

The tournament consists in 2 major stages : the first part called the "qualification phase" and the second part called the "final phase".

During the qualification phase, 16 individual and independent tournaments will be organised. Each tournament will correspond to a "qualifier". Each qualifier will take the form of a single elimination tree whose all matches will take place in BO1. There will be no third place playoff, since the only purpose is to determine a winning team. The team that will win the first place in a qualifier will therefore be qualified for the 2nd stage: the final phase.

Obviously, a team that has won a qualifier will not be able to register for the following qualifiers since it’s place for the final phase is already assured.

Game'Her League registrations are open to all types of teams. In this way, the female, male and mixed teams are allowed to register, without distinction.
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
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You can find here details about the prize on the end stage toornament page :
The effective rules are those of the tournaments organized by the Game Editor, Riot Games.

You can find here the additional rules of the league and the process :

Règlement et déroulement en français accessibles ici :