Hearthstone LAN Tournament

By The Meta: Gaming and eSports
556 North Country Road, Saint James, NY
Please join us for MTS: Hearthstone event one!

This is an in person tournament. The store address is 556 North Country Rd, Saint James NY

Entry fee is $40.

We will feature a CONQUEST 20 person tournament broken up into 4 groups with 5 players in each.

The top 2 players in each group will advance into a quarterfinal knock-out stage.

The top 8 players will be seeded against other players in the quarterfinals based on group stage performance.

(Looking for other players? Join our server to find other teammates!)
Discord: https://discord.gg/JK5B2jc

Please use this link to sign up. An email will be sent out in December with instructions on how to pay the entry fee for your team since the store is not up and running yet.

America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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Prizes are:

1st up to $300
2nd TBA
3rd TBA
Conquest is a match format used in tournaments. It is the match format used for the Hearthstone World Championships, with the 2015 Hearthstone World Championship being the first to use Conquest format.

Tournament rules define a set number of decks that each player can use for a 1v1 round.
Each deck must come from a different class (e.g. having two Mage decks is not allowed).
Depending on tournament rules, an optional ban phase may be given to players at the start of the 1v1 round, with each player being able to "ban" one of their opponent's decks, preventing it from being played for the entire round.
To begin playing a round, each player chooses one of their decks to battle the opponent with, with the deck choice hidden from the opponent. Games are then played out with the following rules.
Any deck that wins a game cannot be played again, and another deck must be chosen to play the next game.
Any deck that is defeated may be played again in the next game.
The first player to win with all of their decks wins the round.