Dark Echo 1v1 Duel Masters

By Dark Echo
This is the 1st Duel Masters Tournament hosted by Dark Echo, it is open to all Denizens Lodgers and CDC guests of the Citadel Server. We are looking forward to some serious competition with some amazing fights.

There will be prizes and good times, this is not just about finding out who is best, but rather about bringing us all together talk about your builds, help one another, show the community what proper PvP is all about. Most importantly have fun blowing the crap out of one another.

Good Luck all,
UTC (UTC+00:00)
Top Prize
Gaming Mouse
Choose from a selection of gaming mice to be announced later
Ship Kit + Paintjob + CMDR Item+Weapon+Engine Effect
2nd Place
Ship Kit + Paintjob + CMDR Item/Weapon+Engine Effect
3rd Place

Plus a selection of prizes to be chosen by the organisers for a variety of different things such as brave builds or just something a little different.
No Premium

No Synthesis

-Log files may be required if there is doubt on the above.

Upto Medium Ships Only


Duels are to the Death

All Duels are best out of 3