Playstation 4


By Rwanda Esports Associaion
The goal of the tournament is to bring together all Rwandan esports players ,and form the first Esports Team from Rwanda

The tourney will be over 2 weeks, 1st week being the Group stage & the following week will be the Playoffs.

This tourney is a FUN and FRIENDLY , but COMPETITIVE.😉.
Africa/Kigali (UTC+02:00)
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1st : 50.000 Frw
2nd : 30.000 Frw
3rd : 20.000 Frw
offline tournament
entrance fee
-1500Frw for members of club of players Rwandaesports. (registration)
-3000Frw for others (contact +250722562865)

Group Stage & Knockout Stage (All 32 Players)
* Consist 8 Group
* Each group have 4 players
* Each players play 3 games in group stage
* Top 2 in group will get go to plyaoffs stage
* In playoffs Stage every elimination have to do home away match.
It’s not allowed to have someone else play as substitution.

Players are divided into 8 groups called groups A, B, C, D, E , F, G, H.

12 Games by group
Friday, December 21: Group A to D
Saturday, December 22: Group F to H

Playoffs (34 match)
Friday, December 29 : Round of 16″ ; Quarter-finals
Saturday, December 30 : Semi-finals ; 3rd place ; THE FINAL

Match result TRANSMISSION:
Players can directly fill their match scores on Toornament.
To confirm the score, A picture of the final score must be sent to the tournament administrator by both players.
E-mail on( by Whatsapp (+250722562865) or by Instagram (Rwanda_Esports)

Strictly no under 16 years old to participate in this tournament

1. Game Type : Exhibition Match
2. Team Selection : Any team(country and clubs)
3. Difficulty Level : Legendary
4. Half Length : 6 minutes and 8 minutes for
”Semi-finals” and “the Final” Games
5. Game Speed : Normal
6. Injuries : Off
7. Offside : On
8. Bookings : On
9. Substitute : 3 Players
10. Hand Ball : Off
11. Referee : Random
12. Extra time : No (for group stage), Yes (for knock-out stage)
13. Penalties : YES (for group & playoffs stages)
14. Defending : TACTICAL Defending ONLY
15. Weather/Condition : Summer & Clear
16. Keeper is non-playable.
17. Cannot use classic xi team, Adidas team, or women team.