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Aus vs NZ tournament

Everyone's always saying.
"New Zealand is better!" Or "Australia is better!"
This is the time to settle this!

Read the rules please!
Australia/Sydney (UTC+11:00)
There is a prize! (The tournament manager will message the winners)
Rules, as you all should know is.

Once you find out who your opponents are, you must add them then squad up. So it will be squads.
You'll play together for three games, counting your kills as you go. the duo with the most kills at the end of the three games wins and moves on.

#1 Do not block opponents from getting kills or reviving each other. (which means shooting them down!)
#2 Keep it friendly!
#3 Tally up all of the kills over the whole 3 games.
#4 Please send in your results to Rj Naiduu, Samson Hollands or Belinda Dawn Kelly.

Okay go have fun!