Blackout Duos LAN Tournament

By The Meta: Gaming and eSports
556 North Country Road, Saint James, NY
Join us at The Meta: Gaming and eSports for our first official Blackout tournament!

This is an in person tournament. The store is 556 North Country Rd, Saint James NY

$40 per person to sign up.

This is a Duo Free For All Tournaments. The teams will be broken into 2 groups of 14 teams for the groups stage. Each group will play 4 games with points being awarded for merit. Teams with top points from each group will advance to a Finals.

Watch the games live and cheer for your friends!
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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1st: Up to $1000
2nd: TBA
3rd: TBA
Player Eligibility:

Open to all


The roster size is limited to 2 players. Teams that win a prize will split the prize between the 2 players. Cash prizes can be given either through Paypal or in cash if you can pick up at the store (556 North Country Rd, Saint James, NY, 11780.) Only players listed on the team can receive prizes.


Each team will queue up as Duo's and play 4 games. The merit score of each game will be added together. Top 14 teams will move on to a similar 4 game playoff.

Match Issues:

Player Disconnects-
If a player disconnect during the initial launch of the map, the map will be restarted.


After a game, the team captain must keep open the squad tab and call over a staff member to report the results of the game. In the event there is a dispute, the tournament staff will come up with a final ruling.


There is a Zero Tolerance Policy for cheating. Any player caught cheating will be immediately ejected from the event and banned from participating in future event for a length of time determined by the tournament organizers. That player's team will also forfeit the event.