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PlayNormal Esports Fortnite Free-For-All

By PlayNormal Esports
802 S. Eldorado Road, Bloomington, Illinois 61701
PlayNormal Esports LAN Center Debut Fortnite Tournament!

Hosted at our new location at 802 S. Eldorado Road in Bloomington, Illinois.

Come test your metal against some of the best Fortnite competitors in the area!

Sign up now! Online Registration ends the 13th! Walk-ins are welcome.

Planned Schedule.
06:00 Event begins.
06:30 Walk-ins closed.
06:45 Welcome speech/ Rules.
07:00 First game.
07:30 Scoring for First game.
08:00 Second game.
08:30 Scoring Second game.
09:00 Intermission.
09:30 Third Game.
10:00 Third Game Scoring.
10:30 Forth Game.
11:00 Forth Game Scoring.
11:30 Winners announced.
12:00 Event closes.

On-location Tournament Only
America/Chicago (UTC-06:00)
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1st Place - 50% of Tournament Earnings + PlayNormal T-shirt + Retro Coffee Mug

2nd Place - PlayNormal T-shirt + Retro Coffee Mug + 3 hours of LAN Center Play

3rd Place - PlayNormal T-shirt + 2 hours of LAN Center Play
Tournament will be held at PlayNormal Esports.

Games will be played on PC, XBOX, or PS4 at players choosing.

Points are accumulated in 4 Games.

Points are based on placement and kills.
1st place = 100 points.
2nd-10th = 75 points
11th-20th = 50 points
21st-99th = 25 points
1 kill = 2 points

Highest score after 4 Games is the winner.

Players must let official view end game screen before exiting or no points will be earned.

Must be on-location to participate.

Any cheating will result in disqualification from the tournament.

Players may bring their own controller/keyboards/mouse.

All equipment must be tested before start of tournament by staff.

Players may register through toornament and will pay at the counter when entering.