Start's 1st Duo Blackout Tournament up to $1000 prize pool!

By Start
Online, 120 N. Muskogee Ave Tahlequah, OK 74464
Entry fee: $40/Duo

2v2 Squads Blackout Tournament.

Placement will be determined by point accumulation.
2 Games per team will be played and scored.

** Games will be played on PC **

Check in - 12/16/2018
1:30 pm

Start - 12/16/2018
3:00 pm
Structure to be determined.
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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$20 per player ($40 Duo) buy in, covers Start playtime.

Prize information:
Prize payouts are determined by overall attending players.

1st Place – $20 to $460
2nd Place – $20 to $280
3rd Place – $20 to $160
- 1 Kill = 10 point
- Win = 30 points
If there happens to be a tie teams will play a overtime match.

1) Please join our Discord channel to remain updated regarding this competition (
2) The competition is strictly PC
3) NO CHEATING, unsportsmanlike conduct, rough housing, foul language, or excessive roughness/loudness allowed. (We are a family friendly environment.)