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AWG Presents a $20-Prize 1v1v1 Solo-Squad Tournament FREE for Twitch Subs!

By FREE 1v1v1 Solo Tourneys
Online, NAE + NAW + EU
AWG is hosting a $20-Prize 1v1v1 Solo-Squad Tournament live on stream - Friday, April 19th at 12:00pm (EST)

How To Enter:
Step 1: You must be following AWG on Twitch - http://twitch.tv/AllWorldGaming

Step 2: You must join the AWG discord (and assign yourself a role) - https://discord.gg/4jmhM6f

Step 3: We will be selecting 3 random twitch viewers to participate in the tournament (must be following) every 30 minutes. You will need to be in the Twitch chat during stream to be entered & play.
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There are 3 ways to guarantee a spot to play:

Option 1: Subscribe. If you subscribe to AWG on Twitch (prime), you can reserve your spot to play for free!
Subscribe here: http://subs.twitch.tv/AllWorldGaming
Subscribe w/ Prime: http://twitch.tv/AllWorldGaming

Option 2: You can reserve a spot by paying a $3.00 Entry Fee (or pay $5.00 to skip the line & play first).
Link to pay: http://streamlabs.com/AllWorldGaming

Option 3: Redeem 1,000 AWG Points to get on the list. You can collect AWG Points for free by watching the AWG stream when we are live! It's easy!
Structure to be determined.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
Join Discord
- 1st Place = $20.00 cash or $5.00 + FREE entry into AWG's $500 2v2 Tournament on May 4th
- 2nd Place = Gifted sub OR 4,000 AWG Points
- 3rd Place = Entry into next $500 Qualifier Tournament or 2,000 AWG Points

$500 2v2 tournament is on May 4th @ 1:00pm EST.
You must be following AT LEAST one of the following AWG social media accounts:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AllWorldGaming
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/AllWorldGaming
Instagram: http://instagram.com/AllWorldGamingTTV

How It Works:
- Players will play on their server of choice w/ 2 other players from that server.
- You + 2 opponents will drop into a squads matchmaking game.
- You will play 1 Fortnite game
- Sabotage is allowed; no reviving.
- You CAN land with your opponents and/or steal loot.
- If a player lags out, the match will continue.