EET 2019 Blastoff

Electronic Esports Tournaments 2019 Blastoff

By Electronic Esports Tournaments
Online, Europe
The EET 2019 Blastoff is an upcoming amateur Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament for European teams. It will be the first event to be organised by the Electronic Esports Tournaments.

Our inaugural tournament is a free-entry tournament for teams of all skill groups, and games will be streamed on our Twitch channel.

DATES: 19 Jan 2019 to 24 Feb 2019.
SERVERS: Faceit/Europe

The Electronic Esports Tournaments is a brand new tournament provider, founded in late 2018 in the United Kingdom. Their goal is to host a range of online European gaming tournaments, with minimal issues for staff and players involved.
Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
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There will be no prize.
*** Prerequisites ***
By playing on FACEIT you agree to all of the rules defined within here.

*** Full Rules ***
1 - Regions
2 - Tournament structure
2.1 - Tournament format
3 - Game Settings
3.1 - Game version
3.2 - Player's settings
3.3 - Server settings
4 - Match procedure
4.1.1 - Check in
4.1.2 - Stand-ins/Substitutions
4.1.3 - Before the match start
4.1.4 - Map Pool
4.2 - Play Button/Ip Notification
4.3 - Warm-up/Match Start
4.4 - During the match
4.4.1 - Communication
4.4.2 - Match interrupted
4.4.3 - POV Demo Recording/Requests
4.4.4 - Pause
5.5 - After the match
5 - Rules and violations
5.1 - Forbidden in-game actions
5.2 - Sanction
6 - Other
6.1 - Anti-cheat
6.2 - GOTV Demos
6.3 - Party/Team names
6.4 - Ingame Name/Avatars

*** Rules Start ***

1 - Regions
Players from NA are forbidden to participate in EU, SEA, SA and OCE Tournaments.
Players from EU are forbidden to participate in NA, SEA, SA and OCE Tournaments.
Players from SEA are forbidden to participate in EU, NA, SA and OCE Tournaments.
Players from SA are forbidden to participate in EU, NA, SEA and OCE Tournaments.
Players from OCE are forbidden to participate in EU, NA, SEA and SA Tournaments.

If you are found playing in an incorrect region, your team will be disqualified from the Tournament.
If your team is not located in any of the above regions you must play in the closest region that is supported by our platform.

2 - Tournament Structure

2.1 - Tournament format:
All tournaments will be in a Best of 1 format.
All tournaments have overtime enabled and will use MR3 10k as the settings.
All tournaments are played as single elimination.

3 - Game settings

3.1 - Game version
All matches played on the FACEIT will use the latest version of CS:GO. If your game isn't up to date and you attempt to join the server you will not be allowed so make sure your game is updated before joining the tournament.

3.2 - Player's settings
External tools or software to alter in-game settings are not allowed in FACEIT matches.
Recommended client settings:
cl_interp 0
cl_interp_ratio 1
rate 196608
cl_cmdrate 128
cl_updaterate 128
cl_allowdownload 1
cl_downloadfilter 0
voice_enable 1

3.3 - Server settings
All matches will be played on FACEIT's servers.

The following game settings will be used:
mp_startmoney 800
mp_roundtime 1.55
mp_freezetime 15
mp_maxrounds 30
mp_c4timer 40
sv_pausable 1
ammo_grenade_limit_default 1
ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang 2
ammo_grenade_limit_total 4

Settings for overtime:
mp_maxrounds 3
mp_startmoney 10000

4 - Tournament procedure
4.1.1 - Check in
Only Captains can check in to a Tournament for the entire team. If any other player/s check in for the Tournament it will not check your entire team in, so you would lose your spot in the Tournament.

4.1.2 - Stand-ins/Substitutions
Substitutions or stand-ins are allowed.

4.1.3 - Before the match starts
You have a total of 10 minutes to vote, if you use more than this your team can be disqualified from the tournament. Each vote is a maximum of 210 seconds in our daily Tournaments, if your team captain does not vote the system will award a forfeit win to the opposing team and you will be removed from the event.

4.1.4 - Map Pool

4.2 - Play Button/Ip Notification
Once this button appears you have 10 minutes to join the server. You can join the server by clicking on the “PLAY” button or copying the “connect serverip” command into your CS:GO console.

4.3 - Warm-up/Match Start
Warm-Up: Both captains have to type “!ready” to start the match, you have a total of 10 minutes to use the command or else the match will be aborted and the
captain who did not !ready will have his team disqualified from the tournament, if both teams have the same amount of AFK the team with highest ELO will advance in the tournament and be disqualified in the following round.

Match Start: The match will go into the knife round. Once the knife round has been completed the winning captain needs to pick a side by using the “!stay”/”!switch” commands. If the captain fails to select a side within 1 minute of winning the round the sides will be randomly decided by the server.

You are allowed to play without a full team, but you will have to use the !ready command before the 10 minute join timer has ended.

4.4 - During the match

4.4.1 - Communication
All communication with Live Support admins is expected to be in English. All communication in game and on the website is also recommended to be in English.

4.4.2 - Match interrupted
If a match is involuntary interrupted (player crash, server crash, network cuts,…) the Live Support Admin may decide to resume the match to a round before the issue was present to give both teams a fair chance.

4.4.3 - POV Demo Recording
Players are NOT required to record their own in-game demo.

4.4.4 - Pause
A team may “pause” the game at the end of the current round or during freeze time to allow a player to come back. A team can’t “pause” the game during the current round unless it has been expressly authorized by the Live Support Admin. The maximum allowed pause time is 10 minutes, once the pause timer countdown runs out you will not be able to pause and the match will still continue.

4.5 - After the match
When the match has been completed the result is automatically sent to the website and the winning team will advanced in the tournament.

5 - Rules and violations

5.1 - Forbidden in-game actions
The following actions are strictly prohibited during a game and can result in your account being suspended:
Any form of external script is forbidden.
Using bugs which change the game principle (i.e. spawn bugs) is illegal.
Moving through walls, floors and roofs is strictly forbidden. This also includes sky-walking.
Planting bombs so that they cannot be defused is illegal. This does not include plants where multiple players are needed to defuse.
Boosting with the help of teammates is allowed in general, but it is forbidden in places where the textures, walls, ceilings, floors become transparent or penetrable.
- “Flash bugs” are forbidden
- “Map swimming” or “Floating” is illegal.
- “Pixel-walking” is illegal (sitting or standing on invisible map edges).
- Using 16 bit graphics.
- HE/Flash/smoke throw script
All 3rd party software that isn't allowed by the game publisher and that can give an unfair advantage to a player or team are classed as cheating.

5.2 - Sanction
Issues during a match, from the beginning to the end, must be reported right away and can not be reported after the fact as this constitutes acceptance of the issue by the opposing team. A player may be cautioned and receive a ban if he commits any of the following offences:
- Refuses to follow Live Support Admin instructions.
- Shows dissent by word or action towards other players.
- Uses insulting language and/or gestures towards other players.
- Is guilty of unsporting behaviour in a match.
- Griefing / Trolling
- Ghosting
- Spamming
- Mislead or dupe any Live Support Admins

6 - Other

6.1 - Anti-cheat
All FACEIT Servers have our own in house Anti-Cheat enabled on all of our servers that you play on. If you are detected by the anti-cheat you will be kicked from the game and your account will be suspended. Games will be cancelled if a player in the game has been suspended for cheating.

6.2 - GOTV Demos
FACEIT's servers will be recording all the matches. These demo’s are in your stats page in the form of GOTV demos uploaded to your profile with the room page as well.

6.3 - Party/Team names
Please fill in your team name accordingly. Team Names/Avatars should not contain any offensive or racist content. If you come across a player/team breaking this rule then please submit a ticket with relevant evidence (Screenshot/Recording) so action can be taken against the player/team in question. Team captains ignoring this rule can end up with a ban from the platform.

6.4 - Ingame Name/Avatars
Ingame Names/Avatars should not contain any offensive or racist content. If you come across a player breaking this rule then please submit a ticket with relevant evidence (Screenshot/Recording) so action can be taken against the player in question.