SilentReapers Solo Tournament

SilentReapers Solo Tournament

By DanteLogan
Welcome to Silent Reapers first squad tournament.
This tournament is sponsored by ColdFusion Technology and Electrical Systems LTD.

The tournament comprises of 3 matches played in First Person Perspective(FPP) following maps:
(In that order)

Teams can be comprised up a minimum of 2 players and a max of 6 (4 players and 2 subs).

Teams are allowed to interchange subs before each match.

Points awarded to each team is based on both placement and kills; therefore even if a team wins a match does not guarantee overall victory.

Points are awarded as follows:

Each kill= 15 points

Placement points:




5th to 10th =20 points per placement

11th to 15th = 15 points per placement

16th to 20th =10 points per placement

21st to 25th = 5 points per placement

If one or more of members are using emulators ,then they would have to play at 75 point disadvantage ,which means at the end each match 75 points if deducted from their score

All players are asked to get your team ready 30 mins before the tournament begins and all matches are consecutive.

All matches will be streamed on twitch at the following link:

Results will be posted on the discord channel and all players are asked to join the discord channel, just click the link below.

Please serious players only.
Structure to be determined.
America/Port of Spain (UTC-04:00)
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Top three player gains a free entry into our next paid tournament.
1.)No third party software.

2.)No teaming

Anyone found cheating, hacking or not following these rules will have all points deducted and cleared of the roster