Cheetah League

Garrick Kita

By KitaTheCheetah
the tournament will be best of three. 1st Place prize will be $500 to be split between 5 individuals on the team, second and third place prize will be determined based off the number of people who register. $10 buy in per player, PC only, EU players are allowed as long as ping is below 150 ms. Exceptions can be made to the ping as long as it doesn't hit 200 ms. Games will be hosted on CUS and follow ESL ruleset. Payment will be due in February if the bracket requirement is met. If enough people sign up, the prize pool can be increased. If enough people don't sign up, we will adjust the bracket and prize pool accordingly. If the bracket is filled i'll probably require MOSS, i want this to be a fair and fun tournament.

Payment is not due until last week of February, if enough teams don't sign up i'll probably just decrease the prize pool and have how ever many teams entered play it out.

Check this page for constant updates and my Twitter.
America/Chihuahua (UTC-07:00)
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1st place prize: $500 split between five.
2nd place prize: TBD
3rd place prize: TBD
ESL ruleset, with the exception of it being best of three. There will be no ties.