OLD - 2v2 $500
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AWG Presents a $500 Qualifier Tournament - FREE to enter for all Twitch Subs!

By 💰All World Gaming💰
Online, NAE + NAW + EU
Next Qualifier Date: Thursday, April 4th @ 6:30pm EST.
You MUST be in the AWG discord to complete registration!
How to Enter:

Step 1: You must follow the Tournament Host on Twitch to play: http://twitch.tv/AllWorldGaming

Step 2: You must join Discord & assign a role for communications: https://discord.gg/4jmhM6f

Step 3: You must complete 1 of the following to play:

- Subscribe on Twitch:
AWG Twitch (prime) subscribers get FREE entry into EVERY weekly qualifier tournament.

- Pay to Enter:
You have the option to pay a $5.00 (per team) entry fee to get in the qualifier. You can pay using one of the links below:
Streamlabs: http://streamlabs.com/AllWorldGaming or
Paypal: https://tinyurl.com/ya5v9rxf
After payment is sent please DM an admin on Discord.

- Enter for FREE w/ Points:
All World Gaming has Twitch loyalty points called AWG Points that can be collected FOR FREE by following + watching our live Twitch Stream. You can redeem 2,500 AWG Points to get in the qualifier tournament & collect 1,000+ points per stream!
Structure to be determined.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
Join Discord
Qualifier Tournament Prizes:
1st Place - Entry into $500 Cash Tournament + Stream Host
2nd Place - Entry into $500 Cash Tournament
3rd Place - Entry into $500 Cash Tournament

$500 Cash Tournament Prizes:
1st Place - $350 /team + entry into next CASH tournament
2nd Place - $100 /team
3rd Place - $50 /team
(Tournament will be Saturday, April 6th @ 1:00pm EST)
Follow our social for special promos/updates:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AllWorldGaming
Instagram: http://instagram.com/AllWorldGamingttv

There will be unlimited teams
2 Games per round
2v2 Duo-Squads in public matchmaking
Single Elimination

Most kills in 2 games combined moves on to the next round. Sabotage is not allowed. For full rules and details please join the AWG Discord server.

Games will be played on NA + EU servers.