Red Hour Infantry

By Loardos
Online, Texas
Red Hour Infantry presents its first ever official tournament brought to you by!

This tournament is open to everyone who actively uses our discord

February 16 (Saturday)
6:00PM Pacific
7:00PM Mountain
8:00PM Central
9:00PM Eastern
America/Chicago (UTC-06:00)
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First place will win $50 and a "Top Dog" title on discord with a medal next to your name

Second place will win $25

Everyone else gets a big thank you!
Sign ups for the tournament will be running until the day of the tournament.
The way this will work is that once you are registered and teams have been made it will be a battle of SCORES between the two opposing players meaning that "Player A" must outscore "Player B" in one game in order to move into the next round and so on.

1.Must be on discord at the time of the tournament.
2.Rounds must be played in Breakthrough.
3.Screenshots of final scores of each round must be presented at the end of each stage.
4.No bad team players allowed.
5.All load outs will be allowed.
6.All server rules must be followed for the duration of the tournament.
7.If you fail to show up for the tournament you will be automatically disqualified. As NO late entries will be allowed.
8. Both partners must be present in the same game at the same time in order for a round to count

Any questions PM Loados via discord!