Team Takeover

Team Takeover

By Nintendo South Africa(Distributor)
Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone Sandton City.
Bring your best fighter along to the Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone in Sandton City and battle it out against another team in this 2 vs 2 smash down. The last team standing wins. Newbies, mid-levels and pros are all welcome.

All teams need to arrive on time and must Check-in between 9 am and 10 am on Saturday, 23rd February.
Africa/Johannesburg (UTC+02:00)
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Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone Vouchers gift vouchers.
R500 for each team member
All characters and battlefields are playable.

A game of Rock-Paper-Scissors will determine who chooses the first battlefield.
The Loser of each round chooses the next battlefield.
The team who has won the best of 3 games will progress to the next round.

The winning team will move on to the next round.
Semi-Finals and Finals will be determined by the best of 5 games.

GameCube controllers, Pro-Controllers and Joy-Con are allowed in this competition. Any personal controllers or cables need to be announced at Check-In.


Stage hazards: Off
Final Smash Item allowed: Set to Low.
Pausing: Off
Team Attack("Friendly Fire"): On