Playstation 4

DS Overwatch Open #1

By Deadite Streaming
Online, North America
This is our first Overwatch event of this iteration.
That being the case, we will not charge an entrance fee into this event. But that will also mean that we will not be giving out large rewards.
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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As determined by team count, and code usage.
4 teams:
1st: 100%
5-8 teams:
1st: 75%
2nd: 25%
9+ teams:
1st: 50%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 20%

Better Seeding for future events will be given for participation, and moreso for better placement.
The event will be split in two phases: Round Robin and Double Elimination.

Round Robin:
Each map type; Control, Escort, Assault, and Hybrid, will be played once each per meeting.
A team will win a meeting if/when they score 3 maps, but the fourth will be played, if it hasn't already.
Both teams will receive a Draw, if both teams claim two maps.

All competative maps will be eligible to be played, under the condition that it has been a minimum of two weeks, to the day, since the map's release.

Control will be first and feature a ban system.
Teams will alternate bans of Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Ilios, Oasis, and Busan. The first team listed in the match page being given first ban.

Secondly will be Assault.
The losing team of the Control map will get to single-handedly select Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, or Volskaya Industries.

Escort will be Map three.
The loser of Assault, or the team that didn't pick the Assault map for a tie, will make it's decision of Escort map featuring Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Dorado, Route 66, Junkertown, and Rialto.

Lastly, we will hit a guaranteed map of Hybrid.
The loser of Escort or the team that didn't pick for Escort, in case of a tie, will pick it's sole choice for map. Maps will include King's Row, Numbani, Hollywood, Eichenwalde, and Blizzard World.

At the end of Round Robin, teams will advance to Double Elimination, based on how many teams show up.

Double Elimination:
This will be played identically to Round Robin, except for two critical differences; there will be a second Control map to close the series, and map 4 will not be forced.

Teams will still claim victory after their third won map, but draws will be impossible.

The first 4 maps will be played identically to Round Robin. The fifth will be Control.
The team that loses Hybrid, or the team that didn't select for it, will get to make a decision for the final map, and can pick any map in the category, except for the Control map played earlier.

Grand Finals will be a Best of Seven Series, throwing a second Assault and Escort in on the tail end of the series.