League of Ladies OW - 24/3

By Female Legends
Once again, Female Legends will host Overwatch-tournaments during the Spring of 2019!
We will have two tournaments during the spring, the 25th of March and the 26th of May.
It is a 6v6-tournament with double elimination. There is Bo1 until the semi finals. The semi-finals are Bo3, and the final Bo5. The upper bracket winner will receive a free win in the Bo5.
Banning system: We use www.owdraft.com , and you send the prints to an admin through the Discord-channel.
All of our Overwatch-tournaments are played on Toornament.

The prizes will be announced shortly.

Female Legends is a community for females that plays e-sport. Whether you play to climb or just want to find other female gamers to have fun with, FL is for you! Our goal is that girls should be an obvious part of the e-sport community and that the professional scene should be fair and equal.

All female and non-binary are welcome!

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Europe/Stockholm (UTC+01:00)
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The prizes will be announced shortly.
We use the Female Legends Discord for verifying you all. Every participant must be on Discord during the entire tournament in your designated team-channel.
Link to our Discord: https://discord.gg/MsgXuG3

Female Legends is working by the Code of Conduct (http://www.respectallcompete.se/koden/) in all contexts. We reserve the rights to disqualify any individual or team breaking the rules. We reserve the rights to change tournament format.

The matches will be formed as Best of 3, with maps pre-picked by the admins for each stage of the tournament.

Non-Swedish citizens will be allowed to partake, but we cannot ship physical prizes outside of Sweden.

You have to register your team at least 1 hour before tournament start, which is at 3 pm (15:00).