IPCL Season 4
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Indian Pro Clubs League_Season 4

By Indian Pro Clubs Community
Online, India
Welcome to the 4th Edition of India's official virtual pro clubs league "Indian Pro Clubs League" powered by Digifight.

> Build your own club
> Compete against the other clubs in the league system
> Make your way to the top of the ladder
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
Winner: 3000 INR sponsored by DigiFifght

1) The league will contain double legged matches to be played over the course of a month.

2) Matches will be played on weekends. Match day will
be fixed but teams can complete the matches between 9 to 12 pm by mutually deciding with the opposition captain.

3) Streaming or uploading each and every match is compulsory on your YouTube channel.Even if you are not streaming you can record and upload it later on your channel.

4) Fill up your individual stats in an excel sheet at the end so that we can determine the following stats:
Most goals scored
Most assists
Most saves
Most successful passes
Most clearances
Most successful tackles
MVP ( To be determined using Average Match Rating)

5) Default wins will get you 3 points and the score will be 1-0 for that particular game.

6 ) Minimum number of players will be 5 and maximum will be 11 but the squad size can be more than that.

7) There are no restrictions in formations.

8) Division 6 teams are preferable but not mandatory.

9) The team finishing top will be crowned the champions of Season 4.


1) Any abuse or swearing at anyone will not be tolerated and players will get banned for the next match.

4) If any team is not showing up on the match-day, the maximum waiting time is 15 mins, else the opponent will be awarded a default win.

5) If any team fails to show up for a second week (without consulting the admins first) they will not be banned from the community and will not be allowed to participate in any future tournaments. Make sure to inform the admins beforehand if your team isn't available for a particular week, we will try our best to do the necessary.

7) You can quit the game if its lagging but anyone who claims it to be lagging will need to show the video evidence. Failing to do so will result in a default to your opposition even if you have scored a goal. But if you do show video evidence any goal conceded or scored will be carried on in the rematch. Note you can only quit before the 15 min mark. Any quitting after that will be a default for the other team.

8) Offside glitch, blocking the goal keeper during set pieces isn't allowed.

11) Lineups should be submitted 30 mins before the match in the "IPCL Managers Chat Group" on whats app. Use the lineup 11 app available on android and ios to submit your lineups.


1) Any is optional.
2) GK is optional
3) Minimum of 7 players is required to start a game.
4) Time wasting isn't allowed.
5) Home team will always invite.
6) Playing the matches with other club names isn't allowed

For further queries, feel free to contact our admin panel:
Praveen Simon ( +91 8809108436 )
Akull Das ( +91 8958716609 )
Pinka Ray ( +91 9674300379 )


Email us at: indianproclubleague@gmail.com