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Pop Up Cup $50 First Place

By MrKrypto_
Online, Oceania

Sick of playing Pop up cups and getting no reward besides a pin? Join this $5 per person tournament (eg, Solos $5, Duos $10 per team and squads $20 per team). Looking to run this every pop-up cup so a few times a week with the big cash prize being the Friday night squad cup. Ignore the dates on this page as it will be updated in the discord daily of when it will be on. Winners will be announced the following morning of the tournament. Any questions, join the discord and pop on over to the questions channel.

Your registration (via discord) will be accepted and placed in the registered pool once your payment has come through.

To keep it simple payments must be made via PayPal

PayPal is: mitchell.gregory10@gmail.com

Team name(all involved epic ID's) must be in PayPal payment description.
Pacific/Auckland (UTC+13:00)
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The FIRST prize will be determined by how many people enter but aiming for $50 Solo's, $100 duos and $200 for squads.

2nd place will be free entry for next week.

In the result of a tiebreaker (same score same amount of games), the money will be split.
Rules are simple.

Join the discord, state your team name along with epic id's and a screenshot of PayPal payment, and then go on to play the Pop Up Cup as you usually would.

You are to play the max amount of games (if you wish) and gain as many points as you can.

The winner will be judged on who gets the most points, NOT just a pin. For example, posting your score on the discord will look like this: Team MrKrypto_ (Solo's) 30 games 33 points. Then attached need to be 3 types of photos (which will be shown in discord) and then whoever gets the most wins the cash. There must be 3 photos from each player posted in the discord with Team name(epic I.d in solos) as the caption

If this gains enough interest a 2nd and 3rd cash prize will be added.