Rainbow Six Siege Knockout 1v1 Esports tournamrnt

By x Roberz Boy x
Welcome to the official 1v1 tournament. Please message x Roberz Boy x (Xbox) to confirm availability or ask any questions. You will play a 1v1 against the allocated player (first to 4, bomb, random esports map) which will be spectated by me or a helper. The games will start at 2pm GBT and will run from the top bracket to bottom. I will message you a rough time on the day and will notify you about 30mins in advance. Any other questions see rules board or message x Roberz Boy x
Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
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£15 pound gift card (Xbox) - 1st and entry to our team
£5 pound gift card (Xbox) - 2nd and entry to our team
3rd - tryouts for our team
1. Must be contactable via Xbox or Instagram (domination.esports or x Roberz Boy x)
2. Must be able to work around GBT time zone
3. Matches played on European servers
4. No toxicity
5. Roaming and jumping outside allowed
6. Spawnpeeking allowed
7. first to 4, overtime first to 2
8. Pick and ban enabled
9. Random esports map