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Thursday Night Fights: Apex Legends

By Marauders Gaming
Tournament will begin at 8 PM eastern on 15 Feb 2019.
Participants will have 90 minutes (unlimited drops) to rack up as many kills as possible. At the end of each match a screen shot must be posted in the Discord channel showing the results.
Points will be awarded as follows:
1 point for each kill
top 3 = 3 points
win = 6 points
Open to all platforms since there is no direct competition.
Structure to be determined.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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Points are accumulated throughout the month and prizes are awarded at the end of the month.
> Teams are allowed. Each member of the team must register and will be scored individually.
> Streaming is recommended, but not required. We recommended to set a stream delay to avoid stream sniping.
> Provide your stream link to the Admins during sign-ups.
> If you want to be a featured streamer on our Twitch during the tournament, you must include "Thursday Night Fights" (or some variation) in your stream title
> Any in-game disputes require photo/video proof submitted to TNF staff. TNF's staff decision is final.
> Don't be abusive. Trash talking & dancing is allowed, but TNF reserves the right to disqualify (and ban) players who are abusive, have abusive teammates or friends disrupting tournament players.
> Any team that is being fed kills during a tournament will be permanently banned.
>You are responsible for reporting any match issues (along with video or screen-shot proof) to the Staff.