Apex Wolf Tribe Tournament

Apex Legends Wolf Tribe Tournament

By The Wolf Tribe
Online, Online
Welcome to the Apex Legends Wolf Tribe Seeding Tournament

We are hosting a qualifying tournament for our upcoming $500 Apex Legends tournament.

Only the top 16 teams from this tournaments are going to participate in the $500 tournament.

The Tournament starts at 2PM PDT
All rules and information will be provided for on our discord.

Sign up information
- 48 Teams, flex to 64
- PC only, console not yet supported
- Bonus slot available on first come first serve

Win: 3 Points
Top 3: 1 Point
1 Kill: 1 point

Example: Win and 18 kills = 21 Points
America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00)
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The Top 16 placing teams will play out a single elimination stage on Saturday March 23, 2019 for the $500 prize.
Time and Game Rules

- Teams will queue separately online and attempt to earn as many points as possible with-in 5 Matches and 5 Matches only. You are only able to restart a match if you crash in the beginning. The match counts after the first kill.

- Teams must submit a time stamp from their VOD where the match was played matching the screenshot.

- Teams will have ten (10) extra minutes after the end of the tournament to submit their last game.

- All three players must be in the ending screenshot and VOD that you submit for scoring.

- Submitted matches will count towards the point total.

- Intentional suicide or leaving games is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban from future tournaments.

- All in game names must match team members names in both screenshots and in VOD.

- Tiebrakers: Least # of games played. Highest Amount of Game Wins. Highest amount of Kills per Team. Highest Total Score in a Individual Game.

Broadcasting Needs

- One player from each team MUST BE STREAMING

- Store Past Broadcasts must be enabled for the player who is streaming.
- Don't listen to music due to copurights
- Recommended stream settings: 480p 30FPS (low) --> 1080p60FPS (Max)