Online, sehore [MP]
I am going to announce that we are organising a pubg solo tournament. it going to be a great opportunity for the pubg players in the team for a great in experience this tournament is going to be held on 20 mar to 23 mar .we are targeting the youth of Madhya pradesh for this tournament.the profits and money which we Generate through tournament we donate it to the CRPF soldiers #desh_ ke_veer.the tournament is going to be solo,every top 50 player of every custom is going to be qualified to next round
3 rounds will be played between the players
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
=top 3 winners will get elite royal pass for 2 season (effectively)
=top 4 to 20 winners will get a stream tshirt from
=top 50 winners will get some benifits during next our next tournament
=nobody will allow to use gfx tool during their game
=if a person is caughted doing unfair means ,a strict action can be taken during the match