Fifa 19 /PS4 / Mar. 21-24
Playstation 4

PS4 - Fifa 19 International Teams

By Tolva Leage
Online, USA Online Servers
You must make sure to check-in once you've been accepted as a register. failure to do so by the close date will be an automatic loss. Once you have checked-in, you must schedule your match with your opponent. Check the bracket once registration closes. Then proceed to report your scores for each game.

16 single players in single elimination tournament
Only International Teams

It is up to you to report the scores of the matches. Failure to do so will cause a forfeit to your team, and we will advance the team that reported scores.
America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00)
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No Prizes - Recreational Match
Best score wins the match
Only international teams
Golden Goal and then PK's to decide winner in OT

It is up to you to keep a visual records of your game play score in case of indiscretions towards you and your team. Cheaters will be blacklisted from the site for a year. .