P.U.B.G Cash

P.U.B.G Cash. 3k Prize pool

By HawK_Immu
Online, Ankleshwar
P.U.B.G Mobile Cash Challenge Held By HawK_Immu.
Paytm Mobile Number 7984076814
You can whatsapp me to avoid login process.
Registration Are Required to Participate. And Entry Fee is Minimize As RS. 200 Per Squad. Per Player RS. 50.
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
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Prize pool based on joining of Squads.
Exp. If 25 Squad join then prize pool is 3000.
And Runner-Up Got 1000.
1. Only Mobile Players Allowed. Beware from Emulator.
2. No Mendatory Place to Play.
3. Only Payeble Players Allow to play.
4. Before Room I'd And Password send then In 10 Minutes Match will be Start.
5. If Players are not Available any of Case so Organizers are not Responsible.
6. Payeble Amount Sent By Paytm So Registered Via Your Paytm Number.
7. Send a Money With Your PUBG Mobile User name in Description to Verified Your Entry.