Nintencord - Tournament 2

Nintencord - Tournament 2 - Summer Smash

By NoahAbc12345
Celebrate the coming of summer with a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament! Nintencord veterans meet again to face off against each other to see who will get the spotlight! Will you be the one who shines brighter than the rest?

If you'd like to join, contact the coordinators at our Discord server, Nintencord, with your Nintendo Switch profile nickname, friend code, character plans, and optionally, your country of residence, and email.
America/Denver (UTC-06:00)
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The winners of the tournament will receive the role, @Nintencord Champion, and will be awarded to both winners. Provides no benefits, and can be lost if the holders lose the next doubles tournament, though you do get bragging rights, and that's always nice.
Main Singles Rules:
• 3 stocks.
• Time limit is 8:00.
• Final Smash Meter is not allowed.
• Spirits are off.
• Stage hazards are off.
• Items are off.
• Stock sharing is allowed.
• Team attack is on.

Allowed Stages:
• [S] Battlefield
• [S] Final Destination
• [S] Lylat Cruise
• [S] Pokémon Stadium 2
• [S] Smashville
• [C] Yoshi’s Story
• [C] Yoshi’s Island
• [C] Castle Siege
• [C] Unova Pokémon League
• [C] Kalos Pokémon League
• [C] Town & City
The starter stage that is played in the first match of a set is determined through stage striking. Who strikes a stage first is based on a random coin flip. The order will go W-L-L-W, so that only one starter stage is left. The leftover stage is the stage that will be played on. After the first match of a set, counterpick stages become available.
The loser of a match in a set will be allowed to select any legal stage the next match that they have not won on, with the exception of two stages that the winner of the previous match can ban if desired from being chosen for just the upcoming match.

If one does not check-in, thirty (30) minutes after the tournament is due to begin without prior notice, they will automatically be considered as forfeiting. If a player's teammate is not present, they may choose to continue alone, or forfeit the tournament.

It is not necessary, though highly recommended that team members use costumes of the same or somewhat similar color as the team they are playing for, such as a green costume for Chrom and a green costume for Pikachu on Green Team.

One fighter only may be used per tournament. Games will be played in a best-of-three format, excluding the final set, where the finals will be played in a best-of-five. Scores will be recorded by how many games in a set are won.