EuropaHalo FFA Frenzy #2
Xbox One

EuropaHalo FFA Frenzy Oct '19

By EuropaHalo
Online, Online
EuropaHalo has a rich tradition of classic FFA grand finals. Last second winners are very common when EuropaHalo runs a FFA. Get ready for a wild ride!

* Please note this cup is for European players only
Structure to be determined.
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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This is a casual cup and for now no prize pool has been allocated.
HCS Rules will be in play with maps pre-determined by the admin.

Full list of gametypes and maps will be on the matches but will also be listed here for reference.

Standard behaviour of players must be maintained and respect shown to the admin at all times. Their word is final on any decisions.

Maps will be posted below later.