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Shrouded Gaming Apex Legends Tournament

By Shrouded Gaming
Online, North America
The Shrouded Gaming Community is proud to present an Apex Legends Free Tournament for anyone to join! The tournament will Take Place on May 18th, 2019 at 3pm EST in the SGC discord. Join Here

Must be in #apex tournament voice chat in discord at 2:45EST for instructions.
Structure to be determined.
America/Toronto (UTC-04:00)
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First Place - $20

Second Place - $10

Third Place - $5

All winners must have valid Links.
ELIGIBILITY: All Players must a member of Shrouded Gaming & be in our discord

NO SHOW: Any player that is not ready to play within 15 minutes of the designated start time may forfeit the Match at the discretion of tournament officials. No-show requests must be submitted through the Discord server.

PROOF OF RESULTS: Players are required to take appropriate in-game screenshots or videos that display the final results of each game, including number of eliminations and final placings, and should be prepared to provide them immediately at the request of a tournament official. Failing to do so, or providing false or doctored information, may result in immediate disqualification from this tournament and future tournaments, at the discretion of tournament officials.

SETTING UP YOUR MATCH: Play For 2 Hours. Submit your Top 3 Matches - Each scored based on final results.

HOW TO WIN: Scoring Goes as Follows:

An Elimination = One Point

Placing Third = 6 Points

Placing Second = 8 points

Placing First = 10 Points

In the Chance of a tie Damage from all 3 Games will be accrued to determine the winner.

You Must post a screen shot of your score screen for each consecutive game in the #tournament-screenshot channel in discord for your chance to win.

GAME-PLAY RULES: Arrive 15 minutes before the tournament in the Discord - Apex Tournament Voice Channel - In the Apex Legends Category. This is Mandatory - as important information will be shared at this time.