Apex Legends Trios
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Apex Legends Trios

By Angryelf34
This is the first Streamers Unlimited Apex Legends tournament. In order to participate you have to be a member of the discord group. Come join in and good luck!
Structure to be determined.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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No prize as of yet as this is the first tournament being held. The next tournaments will have prizes as long as this one runs smoothly.
1. Be respectful to other squads
2. 3 hour time limit play as many games as possible
3. One member of your trio must take a screenshot of each game once you die or win and upload it to the discord
4. No games after the 3 hour time limit will be counted
5. 1 point for kills, 5 points for wins
6. START TIME WILL BE 10am eastern standard time