Free pubg championship win prize 20 rs

By A to Z world
Online, INDIA
This is the PUBG tournament for PUBG lovers with Prize Pool ₹20

This tournament will be held on 22 May 2019. This event will be held online for Android and iOS users only.

Match Type - SOLO



DATE & TIME-7:30PM, 22/05/2019

1)join whatsapp group through link
2)drop your pubg id
Whatsapp No.- 9179646458
Registration Done , Stay tuned for the battle Gameplay of tournament on our youtube chennal.
youtube chennal link-
Room ID and Password is given on our whatsapp group.
Join Our Whatsapp Group
Winner prize will announced on our facebook.
facebook link-
Structure to be determined.
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
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Entry fee - free
win prize - 20 rs
• Please note that all rules that are broken will come with a consequence.
• Politeness and kindness are expected to be shown throughout the server.
• Respect is a priority on this server, treat others the way you’d want to be treated.
• Harassing, abusing, or using any type of hate speech towards another player is not permitted.
• Spamming or excessively tagging other players is not allowed
• Posting any NSFW content (which includes your avatar) will result in an instant kick, if you do not change it when you come back, you will be banned.
• All threats are taken seriously, do not joke around when threatening another player.
• Links of any discords or websites that we have not approved of will be instantly deleted, so please don’t advertise. Do not Dm Advertise
• Do not sell or advertise any products on this discord.
• Do not post any content related to piracy, cheats, cracks or any kind of copyright breaching materials.
• Use correct channels that are specific to your needs.
• Do not start relegious/political/social debate here.
• Only use English
• Do not abuse/spam in voice chat
Read this rules Carefully and Must Follow-CLASSIC