SmashMoore U.P #3

By SmashMoore
GCC college Arena
SmashMoore’s Third official tournament! This time at GCC’s Arena! Look into the rules for more information
Bring own controllers tho some are provided if need be
America/Menominee (UTC-05:00)
1st Place: Smash Bros. Ring + 20$
2nd Place: 15$
3rd Place: 8$
8$ entry fee
3 Stock
Items off
Hazards off
6 minute timer
All tournament legal stages : ex. Final destination, pokemon stadium, town and city, pokemon stadium 2, kalos, yoshi’s story/island, etc
Players Rock Paper Scissors for first pick of stage, loser then picks
Double elimination
Best of 3 till winners/losers finals and championship are best of 5
If a match goes to sudden death the player with the most stocks or with the least percent before the clock runs out is the winner of that match.
All Battlefield and Omega stages are legal
No toxicity or horrible sportsmanship towards other players/spectators, doing such could possibly disqualify you from the tournament. Ex: name calling, blocking view during a match etc.