SuperSmash Golden Series

By Nintendo South Africa(Distributor)
Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone Sandton City
Join us and battle against other smash fighters in the Super Smash Golden Series at Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone in Sandton City - Saturday 22nd June.
Check in starts at 12:00. Tournament starts at 13:00.
Africa/Johannesburg (UTC+02:00)
1st Prize: R500 Nintendo Switch Pop up zone voucher.
First 32 entries will get a limited edition Super Smash pin.
This tournament will be "Double Elimination".
1vs1 Smashdown Tournament.
All players will be randomly matched up.

Match Play.
Ensure to abide by these rules when entering into these matches.

Choose your side.
Before set begins decide who will be P1 and whom will be P2.

Choosing characters.
All characters including DLC characters are allowed.
Character move customisation is banned.
No creation of Mii fighters during set is allowed.

Legal stages
There are 19 stages in total that are allowed to be picked. The list is the following:
• Battlefield
• Brinstar
• Castle Siege
• Final Destination
• Frigate Orpheon
• Kalos Pokémon League
• Lylat Cruise
• Mushroom Kingdom U
• Pokémon Stadium 2
• Rainbow Cruise
• Reset Bomb Forest
• Skyloft
• Smashville
• Town and City
• Unova Pokémon League
• WarioWare, Inc.
• Wily Castle
• Yoshi’s Island
• Yoshi’s Story

Pro controllers will be provided - you may also bring your own please ensure it is Nintendo Switch compatible.