Nova Presents: Clan Royalty

Nova Presents: Clan Royalty (Championship series)

By Nova eSports
A clan/team based tournament brought to the Clash Royale community by Nova eSports & a few great community partners (Synergy, Reddit Alpha, Elite Gaming & MoEsport). Moving Forward Nova eSports will dedicate its resources, time, & energy to bringing positivity, excitement, and competition to the Clash Royale community. Clan Royalty (Championship Series) is the first of what we hope will be many projects and with the success of this event, you and the community can expect more. Help us in our movement to make Clash Royale's competitive scene great, and to make this great game a highly respected eSport.

A comprehensive rule set will be available prior to the competition. The following is a preliminary outline and is subject to change:


December 18th, 5pm GMT - European Qualifier
January 1st, 9pm HKT - Asian Pacific Qualifier
January 8th, 2pm PST - West Coast Americas Qualifier
January 15th, 2pm EST - East Coast Americas Qualifier
January 21st, TBD - Europe and Asian Pacific Group Pool Play
January 22nd, 3pm EST- East and West Coast Americas Group Pool Play
January 28th, TBD - Championship Weekend - Top 16 Compete
January 29th - Championship Weekend - Top 4 Compete for the Grand Prize


The tournament will be a 3 stage, double elimination format, best of 5, team format competition. A matchup will consists of 5 1v1 games, with 3 games required to win (all 5 games do not need to be completed).

Stage 1 - Qualifiers - will be open to all teams, however spots may be limited (at the tournament organizer's discretion). This round will be divided into 4 time zone based groups, with 4 teams from each moving on to Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Round of 32 - This round will consist of 16 invited teams and 16 teams from the Qualifiers. The round will be divided into 4 time zone based groups, with 4 teams from each moving on to Stage 3. A pool play format will be used, with each team participating in exactly 7, best of 5 match ups.

Stage 3 - Finals - 16 teams will compete in a double elimination, best of 5 team format tournament. The final 2 teams will play in 3 best of 5 match ups.


Clan Affiliation - All teams must be associated with a clan and named accordingly.
- An organization may have multiple teams, however each must be named after a corresponding clan

Team Limit - An organization may have no more than 2 teams compete per group/timezone. Clans families/teams must be pre established and hold rank in any of the areas they register in

Roster - Each team must submit a minimum of 5 players, up to a maximum of 7. The 2 additional players are optional subs, however please note that no roster changes will be allowed until after Qualifiers. As such teams are encouraged to select a roster of 7 players.
- The same 5 players must compete in all matches within a given a day(players can not be subbed in between match ups).
- Once a player is rostered and competes for a team, that player may not be rostered with any other team for the remainder of the season.

Twitter - All teams must have a twitter. One twitter for all of an organization's teams is sufficient. The Twitter must follow @Clan_RoyaltyCS for updates

Captain - All teams must have a captain who is responsible for all communication with tournament organizers.

Discord - During the registration process all team captains are expected to join the CRCS Discord channel. All communication will occur on discord.
Groups > Playoffs
America/Toronto (UTC-05:00)
A $2500 prize pool will be distributed as follows
1) $1000
2) $700
3) $500
4) $300