Vainglory EU Guilds Tournament

Large Pro Vainglory EU Tournament

By LNM, Valkyrie & Valhalla Guilds
Online, Online
A large EU Inter-Guilds tournament.

Between The Top EU Guilds: LNM, G0G, Vlkr, VVG, RoyR.
The tournament will be run over a weekend with a stream starting on Friday evening 17/2/17, Saturday and possibly Sunday evening. We will have 16 teams and be doing SINGLE elimination brackets with best of 3 games deciding the teams to go through to round of 8 then semi finals. The grand final will be best of 5.

The brackets will be randomly generated on the toornament website.

Tournament Organized by LNM, Vlkr and VVG Guilds, Sponsored by Vengner (LNM).
Event will be Streamed and Shoutcasted!!
Event will be streamed by Qudsi (LNM) via Mobcrush. , It will be shoutcasted by Valkyrie Valhalla member EU-Imperium.
Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
14400 ICE for the first place team.
6900 ICE for second place team.
2640 ICE for third place team.
* Teams MUST confirm their participation 24 hours before the day of the tournament (including roster changes to already registered rosters).
* Teams must have a minimum of 3 players per roster and a maximum of 6.
* Teams must be online 10 minutes prior to their matches. The appointed spectator reserves the right to make a decision on any disagreement or infraction (ie: Roster change, late players) and award a game point/series or disqualify as he/she sees fit. This decision is final. All games MUST be streamed, spectated and casted by one of the OFFICIAL tournament streamers.
* ONLY the three players on a team may be in a discord voice party during games, in the EU Community server only, including draft phase. Any coaches/analysts can only intervene between games whilst back in party mode. Any unsportsmanlike behavior/trolling or general toxicity will be dealt with severely, whether in game, chat, discord, or in stream chat.